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Bae Snoozie

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Photo Guide

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality prints please follow our guidance

• Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos

• Make sure the photo isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing

• Don’t use photos too dark or far away

Bae Snoozie


  • One size fits all; Perfect for men & women
  • Hand made
  • Made from huggable comfy fleece fabric to give you the warmest soft touch

Your other half, they give the best snuggles. It makes you feel nice and warm. But what happens on the day they aren't around? Your left cold and unsnuggled and no one likes that.

 I mean you could always stop them from leaving so they can snuggle you 24/7. But you know that isn't really very feasible... unfortunately.... 

Don't worry we have the next best thing to your partner's arms wrapped around you. And that's our Bae Snoozie! Get their face on this design so whenever you wear it and get cost it feels like they are with you! And while you're at it get one for them too! Baes for life!