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Couple Mash Snoozie


  • Mash Up Photos
  • One size fits all; Perfect for men & women
  • Hand made
  • Made from huggable comfy fleece fabric to give you the warmest soft touch

You both love to spend your nights cuddled up together, and who wouldn't? But when you're sharing a blanket one person always ends up with more of it, the other person's feet are always left uncovered and cold which ensures a tug of war battle for blanket dominance. 

But what's this? A Couple Mash Snoozie! Could this be the cure to blanket woes? Yes! Now you can get both yours and your partner's face completely covering the Snoozie in our Face Mash design! Why not get one for each of you to cuddle up together in and get cozy. Now that's what we call couple goals!