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Couples Face Mash Wrapping Paper

  • A mash-up of you & your partners face
  • Upload your photos & we'll do the rest
  • Make your present truly unique
  • Available in 3 sizes: A1, 1m & 3m roll
  • Perfect for your loved ones present

So your significant others birthday is approaching or maybe your'e getting them a gift just because... Now you may have the perfect gift all picked out now it just needs the wrapping paper.

 Now you could just get some normal wrapping paper and wrap it up and they would love the present inside. But why should the present be the only memorable things. You spent all that time choosing the right present you knew they are going to love, so why not start the present with the wrapping paper! Make it part of the gift that will already put a smile on their face before they even unwrap it! 

With our Nifty Gifty Couple Face Mash Wrapping Paper add both of your faces onto the perfect addition to finish off your present. Get ready to see their unexpected shocked face as they recognise the faces covering the wrapping paper!

You won't regret this facetastic wrapping paper!