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Dog Water Bottle

  • A water bottle for your dog, perfect for on the go
  • Eco-friendly, waterproof and leakproof bottle
  • Release the water with the click of a button
  • A option to lock the button to avoid water accidents 
  • Hold a capacity of 550ml 
  • With the option to add your dogs name, you can make your water bottle personalised, just for them

After a long walk, or playing fetch, your dog can't get to the water bowl quick enough. Dogsy now have you covered, with a compact water bottle, for on the go, just for your dog! With the click of a button, your dog will have a full water bowl in an instance and when they're done drinking, simply click the button again, to store the left over water. Thirsty? Not any more!


Don't just take our word for it, Nifty Gifty is loved by all!