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Face Mash Boxers

  • Perfect for all sized men
  • Sizes from S-2XL
  • Machine washable
  • Made from soft stretchy polyester
  • Use high resolution photos for best quality prints

Boxers, you don't really give them much thought when you put them on every morning (clean ones we hope!) As long as they stay up you're not really that fussed...

That was however, until you saw our Face Mash Boxers and now you know what you've been missing out on! Just think you could get a different face for everyday of the week! Light bulb moment!

Whether you add your face, a friends or family member you will never not notice the boxers you are putting on again!

Simply upload an image and our design fairies will cut around your face not once, not twice but MASH times.

Get your SMASHING pair today!