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Face Mash Tea Towel

  • Cool Face Mash Design
  • You'll never want to stop drying!
  • Great addition to any kitchen
  • Upload a photo & we'll do the rest
  • Perfect way to dry the dishes

Washing up... No one wants to do and definitely no one loves doing! And then there is all the drying up that follows! So you take out your plain tea towel and get to the task wishing you could be doing anything else!

But hold up... What's this!? A Face Mash Tea Towel that is covered in a face of your choice! Could it be we've created the answer to making drying up a little less dull. The answer is yes! With our Face Mash Tea Towel you'll never want to stop drying! Add your face, friends, family or pet and get drying baby!

Upload a high quality image and we will do the rest!