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Face Wine Stopper

  • Personalised Wine Stopper
  • Unique & personalised
  • Includes x1 Wine Stopper
  • Great for bar or home
  • Upload a high-quality image & we'll do the rest

Sit down, relax, open that lovely bottle of wine and pour yourself a cheeky glass or two! But, oh no! Now you can't get the cork back into the bottle! You have two options here, let the wine go bad or drink the entire bottle... You're probably thinking that isn't a hard choice...

But wait a second. What if you had a wine stopper to save that wine and your liver (We're just looking out for you) We could give you a normal wine stopper, but that's not our Nifty Gifty style! Oh no, now you can get anyone's face on your very own personalised wine stopper! Be it yours, family or friends face. Create a hilarious gift for those wine lovers in your life or a cheeky gift for yourself!