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Face Serving Tray

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Photo Guide

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality prints please follow our guidance

• Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos

• Make sure the photo isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing

• Don’t use photos too dark or far away

  • Your Face Personalised Serving Tray
  • Serve your drinks in Style
  • Custom printed with your photos
  • Perfect for your next gathering 

Do you enjoy a good breakfast in bed, or maybe having your meal in front of the TV. But oh no, everything is falling over and you find it had to balance on your lap. You need serving tray, that would make your life a lot easier.

Now you could go out and get a standard one from the shops. Or.. you could get your very own Face Serving Tray! Yes, that sounds more exciting doesn't it!

Enjoy your meals in comfort or even serve your drinks and food when guests come over in true style with our Face Mash Serving Tray! Add your face, loved ones or even pets and serving up will never be the same!

Make sure to add a high quality image and we will do the rest!


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