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Firefighter Mini Me Doll

Photo Guide

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality prints please follow our guidance

• Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos

• Make sure the photo isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing

• Don’t use photos too dark or far away

Now there is no need to worry the Snugzy Firefighter Mini Me Doll is here!

Whether you've always dreamt of being a hero and saving the day or you have a loved one who bravely took on the roll, you can now create your very own Snugzy Firefighter!

Upload a high-quality photo of your charming face to become the firefighter you always wanted to be or choose to give this cuddly cushion to someone you love for a gift that will blow them away.

Approx: (h) 45cm x (w) 30cm

How it Works

Creating your Mini Me is easy!


Choose a character


Upload a photo


We'll deliver your Mini-me


Don't just take our word for it, our Mini-Me's are loved by many!