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Tom & Jerry Cushion

Photo Guide

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality prints please follow our guidance

• Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos

• Make sure the photo isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing

• Don’t use photos too dark or far away

Tom & Jerry Cushion

  • Perfect for any Tom & Jerry fan
  • Official Warner Brothers Merchandise
  • Unique & personalised
  • Soft & cuddly
  • Upload a high quality image and we'll do the rest

There he goes again chasing that poor mouse! He better watch out and not wake the dog or there'll be trouble!

Did you spend your afternoons after school watching Tom & Jerry chase one another. It had to be one of your favourite cartoons that you could just watch for hours and hours. Relive those memories with our Tom & Jerry Cushion! Personalise it with your face and create the perfect addition to your home!