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Face Blanket

  • Your face turned into a cosy blanket
  • Upload your photo & we'll do the rest
  • Handmade just for you
  • Available in 1 size (115cm x 165cm)
  • A perfect gift for your loved ones

Picture this... You are on the sofa, snacks at the ready, movie ready to go. But you're a little bit chilly, turning the heating up just isn't going to cut it! You want to get all snuggled up to watch the movie but then you realise you don't have a blanket!

Never fear Nifty Gifty is here with the perfect blanket that will make you wonder how you ever got comfy without it.

But this is not just any normal blanket! This is our personalised Face Blanket! Get anyone's face, be human or furry friend, on your very own blanket. What more could you want to cuddle up to after a long day at work or on a weekend when you're having a movie day!

Upload a high-quality image and we will do the rest to create the best blanket!